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How we started


Dimples Patterson, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, has always had a very creative nature. However, her creativity had never played a dominant role in her life. Her talents were usually put to use in helping make small arts and crafts, costumes, and school projects for her children. In addition to being a mother of three, maintaining a house, and managing a farm, she was also employed full-time at a local school. Although you would never hear her complain, her talents were forced to take a backburner to everything else in her life.

    Fortunately, Dimples' hectic life did not stop her from finding ways to utilize her creativity. Dimples could usually be found in her kitchen whipping up her latest ideas for a new dessert. She always had a long line of people begging to be her guinea pigs in order to try her new treats. Anyone who tasted one of Dimples' creations encouraged her to further pursue her talents in the kitchen.

    In 2009, Dimples took the advice that had so long been expressed to her. With the support of her family and friends, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and enrolled in a class for cake decorating. After only one class she realized that she had found her passion, and being the kind-hearted, southern woman that she is, Dimples has decided to share that passion with you. 

    This website has been created in order for Dimples to show you her gift and to get her name out there, fortunately it's a difficult one forget. So if you see something you like, well honey, let her know.

    Oh, and tell your friends! 

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